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Supply and Install: Sky Digibox Satellite TV in Brittany & Normandy now also Mayenne, Vendée & Loire-Atlantique.

Installation of Sky HD+    One Sky Digibox does it all.

With a Sky Freeview card you receive 10 Full HD Channels.
Plus all the other normal Sky Freeview channels.

All our Sky HD Digiboxes are supplied with a Sky Freeview card.

Supply Sky Satellite equipment anywhere in France.

  • DIY parts or full Sky satellite systems
  • Spares and repairs of Sky TV equipment

Installation of Sky Satellite Equipment in Brittany, Normandy & Pas de la Loire.

  • Sky Dishes
  • Sky Dish re-alignment
  • Your own system
  • Part or full systems
  • Multi room Sky systems

Sky dishes can be fitted on chimney's and roof tops, so as not to spoil the look of your property and in some cases for a better Sky TV reception (i.e. over tree lines or other buildings)

We install Sky satellite equipment mainly in Brittany and Normandy but we also cover the following departments: 14, 22, 29, 35, 44, 49, 50, 53, 56, 61, 72, and department 85 but we will travel further if required.

All workmanship is guaranteed
Feel free to call for a quote or any advice on Sky Digital Satellite Systems.


Sky digiboxes supplied all over France / installation in Normandy and Brittany but will travel further if required.

Sky viewing cards

Sky viewing cards and contract are available through an English company, with whome we will put you in direct contact with NO FEE! This company also provides 'Dial Up' for those occasions when you want to pay to view a special live event like certain boxing matches etc.

All the normal range of Sky packages are available including HD.


The latest Sky Digibox on the market!

This digital satellite receiver lets you watch all of the Free TV channels and listen to the Free radio channels without subscription. There is a 7 day program guide and a planner so you always know when your favourite programs are on. A link can be run to another TV in the house and the channels changed remotely. It is the most tried and tested digibox on the market. A subscription with Sky is not needed to use these facilities.

Sky Standard Features plus Freeview HD Channels with a Sky Freeview Card:
(No monthly contract required)

Channels changes in less than half a second,
No telephone line connection required,
Top rated for European coverage,
1 year manufacturers warranty,
English or French power lead suuplied,
SCART lead provided and connection for a second TV,
Sky subscription upgrades are available for more Sky channels available.


Sky HD - High Definition TV

High Definition TV is the biggest step forward in TV for years.  HD TV gives you a  sharper, clearer and a more vibrant picture. Amazing Dolby Digital 5.1 sound quality on many programmes. Once you've experienced Sky HD TV, you'll never want to change back to the normal Sky TV service.

A Sky HD subscription is required to watch Sky High Definition TV which we can arrange for you.

Sky HD Features:

Watch one Sky digital channel while recording another,
watch live or recorded programs on second TV in your home,
Instant replay of live TV,
Pause live TV - Pause a live programme,
Archive favourite programes to VCR,
Record two Sky digital channels symutaniously (Dual Record) whilst watching a 3rd program from disc,
Series link facility (automatically record every emission of your favourite series on TV)
Bookmark feature.
1 year manufacturers warranty

A Sky subscription is required to use the Sky HD facilities and a dual or quad LNB and additional cables maybe neccessary for this service, subject to survey.

For friendly advice or a quote on Sky & Freesat satellite TV equipment in Normandy, Brittany & Pays de la Loire...

Or Phone us now on: 0033 (0)296 31 87 83

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